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Canvak - Water and Mildew Resistant Compound - Gallon Can

Price: $24.95
Item Number: CK-GAL

Canvak is an after-market water and mildew resistant solution that can be applied to extend the life of cotton duck canvas. Canvak helps preserve the existing wax based coating on existing fabrics. Brush on water-resistant Canvak canvas preservative for improving the existing protective wax finish on awnings, tarpaulins, canvas, covers and tents. Very easy to apply. Just clean and dry fabric surface to be treated, then brush on Canvak. Let it dry. One gallon can.

Canvak is not recommended for use on vinyl finishes or synthetic fabrics. Please make sure to find out the exact fabric type of your tarp, tent or awning and test it before applying.

Canvak Ingredients

  • 85% Mineral Spirits
  • 12.5% Inactive Ingredients
  • 2.5% Zinc Naphthenate

Directions for applying Canvak

  • Have surface to be treated dry and free from dust or dirt
  • Stir Canvak contents well and apply with a stiff brush, rubbing well into the surface
  • Use about one gallon of Canvak to each 100 square feet of canvas
  • If product is thick in cold weather, warm slightly in warm water before applying as it spreads best at 80 degrees Fahrenheit
  • WARNING: Use Canvak to retreat previously treated cotton canvas fabric only. Do not use Canvak to treat any raw cotton canvas.
  • WARNING: Canvak is not able to seal worn out canvas fabric already leaking badly. If a canvas is worn out, leaking, or having pin holes, replace the canvas with a new one.
  • WARNING: Do not use Canvak on any synthetic fabrics, including but not limited to vinyl, plastic, synthetic polyester, acrylic, polyethylene etc.

Canvak Buying Guide

Canvak Canvas Preservative is not a waterproofing product. Instead, Canvak is a water resistant material. Canvak is made up of mineral spirits and petroleum waxes. The product was developed during WWII to preserve the coating on the Olive Drab duck tents. Then during the Viet Nam era it was reestablished for the government ounce duck tents.

The mineral spirits is the carrier which dissipates from the coated material that has been treated and leaves the wax behind, kind of like waxing a car, the wax left on material treated will cause water to bead and run off.

Canvak Canvas Preservative needs to be used prior to the degrading of coating that is already applied on a cotton canvas product. If a canvas is already leaking, that means the coating on canvas is already damaged. Canvak will not prevent the damaged canvas from leaking.

Questions About Canvak?

Canvak is manufactured by Buckeye Fabric Finishing Co. in Ohio, USA. If you have questions about using Canvak for specific fabrics, please call Buckeye Fabric Finishing Co. at 740-622-3251.

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