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Cheap Drop Cloth

Cheap Drop Cloth Sale Wholesale Direct + FREE Shipping! Sale include cheap canvas drop cloth, cheap heavy duty drop cloth, cheap butyl drop cloth. FREE SHIPPING to Contiguous US 48 states.

Cheap Drop Cloth AND Quality Drop Cloth!

How? Because sells more drop cloth! When you buy a multi-pack drop cloth, you get Super Low Prices + FREE SHIPPING! This is the same quality drop cloth - 12, 10, 8, 6 oz canvas drop cloth you get. Only difference our prices are CHEAP! And FREE Shipping!

  • FREE Shipping to Contiguous US 48 States*
  • WARNING: This product is construction painters' drop cloth. The canvas fabric is construction grade and is neither garment grade nor art canvas grade. For garment grade canvas, please visit your local garment fabric stores. For art canvas grade, please visit Art Canvas and Supplies.
  • WARNING: This construction painters drop cloth's color or shade is NOT guaranteed. The color may vary from piece to piece. For more consistent color appearance, please order Made in USA Canvas Drop Cloth.
  • WARNING: This construction painters drop cloth has seams. For seamless canvas, please visit Art Canvas Blankets or Duck Canvas Fabrics.

* Free Shipping is a limited time offer and is subject to change.

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