Canvas Tarps Buying Guide

Canvas Tarps FAQ's

Is canvas tarp the right product for my application?

Cotton canvas tarps and polyester canvas tarps are water-resistant and breathable. They are good tarp choice to cover stationary objects that needs a breathable canvas tarp fabric to protect your equipment or supplies and to prevent condensation.

However, canvas tarps are not good for covering trailers, canopies, carports because their lower tear strength at the seams. In addition, cotton canvas tarps is susceptible to UV degradation,especially in high UV areas such as California, Arizona, Florida. In general, for high UV resistance and high tear strength, 18 oz vinyl coated polyester tarps are a better choice. The 18 oz vinyl coated polyester fabric is the same fabric used by commercial flatbed trailers on the highway and by many boat dock covers.

What is difference between cotton canvas tarps and polyester canvas tarps?

While cotton and polyester canvas tarps may look similar, the polyester canvas tarp has many advantages.

  • Stronger Tear Strength - Polyester canvas tarp has more than twice the tear strength of a comparable cotton canvas tarp.
  • Stronger UV resistance - Polyester canvas tarp is highly UV resistant. The cotton canvas tarp is prone to UV degradation and dry-out.
  • No odor - Unlike cotton canvas tarp, polyester canvas tarp does not have the odor a new cotton canvas has
  • No color staining - Unlike cotton canvas tarp, polyester canvas tarp's color does rub off and stain surfaces it touches.

What canvas tarps does carry? carries a large selection of canvas tarps. Here are some of them.

  • Water Resistant Treated Cotton Canvas Tarps: Fabric Weight: 16 oz, 18 oz, 21 oz after treatment in colors: White, Tan, Brown, Green, Olive Drab and Blue (special order only)
  • Natural untreated, undyed cotton canvas tarps. Fabric Weight: 10 oz, Cotton Duck Canvas: #12, #10, #8 and #4, from 10 oz to 18 oz.
  • Polyester canvas tarps: in 7 colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Olive Green, Tan, White
  • Flame Retardant Canvas Tarps: 16 oz, 18 oz, 21 oz after treatment flame retardant cotton canvas tarps.

Can my faded canvas tarp be waterproofed or treated to enhance water resistance?

Yes, cotton canvas tarps canb treated with Canvak, Iosso Water Repellent Spray, or silicone based water repellent spray.. However, worn out cotton canvas do not respond well because the fabric itself may have thinned out.

Do canvas tarps have seams?

Yes, all our canvas tarps may have seams. In general, we do not supply seamless canvas tarps. If you require seamless canvas tarps, please email

What is canvas tarp grommet spacing?

Our stock canvas tarps have heavy duty brass grommets every 2 feet on all 4 sides and corners.

Are your canvas tarps cut-size?

All of our stock Canvas tarps are cut size. Canvas tarp's finished size is up to 3% - 5% smaller after canvas tarp's hems and seams are sewn. For finished size canvas tarps, you can special order by calling at 404-551-4347 or by email.

Can you make custom size canvas tarps

Yes. If you do not see the canvas tarp size you needed, please call at 404-551-4347 to special order custom canvas tarps.

Are canvas tarps good for boat covers or car covers?

Cotton canvas tarps not suitable for boat covers or car covers. The reason is when a cotton canvas tarp touches car or boat exteriors, the wax and dye in cotton canvas tarp may rub off and stain car or boat exteriors. For boat or car covers, please consider polyester canvas tarps instead.

Can I use canvas tarps for my trailer on the highway?

No. Neither cotton canvas tarps and polyester canvas tarps are trailerable. For trailer tarps, please consider 18 oz Vinyl Coated Polyester Tarps, which is the exact same fabric commercial flatbed trailers use on the highway to cover their loads.

Can I use canvas tarps indoors?

Cotton canvas tarps are not a good option for indoor use, because cotton canvas tarps may leave stains and initially have an odor.

Polyester canvas tarps can be used indoors and do not have the same problems as cotton canvas tarps.

Any application canvas tarps are not recommended for?

Due to low tear strength, cotton canvas tarps are NOT recommended for hanging as roof, wall, room or space dividers, replacement canopy top, canopy sidewall, tent roof or tent sidewall, building structure roof, sidewall or curtains.

For patio roof, patio sidewall, canopy replacement tarps, canopy replacement top and sidewalls, please consider Vinyl coated polyester tarps.

What is lead time for custom canvas tarps?

Custom canvas tarps usually take approximately 1 - 4 week before canvas tarps are shipped out. Large custom canvas tarps or special custom canvas tarps may take longer to make. Please check with our friendly customer service staff to confirm your custom canvas tarp manufacturing and shipping time frame.

Are Canvas Tarps Waterproof?

Canvas tarps are not 100% waterproof. Canvas tarps are water resistant. However, when there are standing water on canvas tarps or when water cannot quickly drain away from canvas tarps, the standing water will drip through the canvas tarps. For waterproof tarps, please check out our waterproof vinyl tarps and waterproof poly tarps.

What Canvas Tarp Colors Are Available? has more many colors of canvas tarps to choose from: black, blue, brown, gray, olive green, green, tan, white. Note canvas tarps are not recommended for photography background canvas.

Does Have Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps?

Yes, has Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps and Super Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps. Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps have canvas fabric weight of 12 / sq yard before treatment and 18 oz / sq yard after treatment. The Super Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps have canvas fabric weight of 18 oz / sq yard before treatment and 21 oz / sq yard after treatment.

How to Re-treat a Canvas Tarp?

A cotton canvas tarp can be retreated with chemicals designed to treat cotton canvas tarps. These canvas tarp treatment chemicals, such as Canvak are available in our tarps accessories section.

How to Wash or Clean Canvas Tarp?

Canvas tarps are NOT machine washable. Spot wipe clean with with soapy water or detergents specifically designed for cleaning canvas tarps. Do not wash your canvas tarps with your laundry washer or dry canvas tarps with your laundry dryer. Canvas tarps have wax and dye, which may stain your laundry washer and dryer.

Can I Paint on Canvas Tarps?

Treated canvas tarps are not recommended as painting canvases. For painting canvases, please use our untreated canvas tarps or fabrics.

Do you have flame retardant canvas tarps?

Yes, We have large selection of flame retardant canvas tarps.

Are flame retardant canvas tarps fire proof?

No. Tarps are NOT fire proof. Our flame retardant canvas tarps or fire retardant canvas tarps are not fire proof. In general, flame retardant certification is totally different from fire proof certification. You as customer must check with your local authority to see whether flame retardant tarps or fire proof material are needed.

Where Are These Canvas Tarps Made?'s canvas tarps are proudly made right here in USA by your fellow Americans who specialize in making canvas tarps and other tarps.

How Are Your Canvas Tarps Shipped?

Canvas tarps under 150 lbs are shipped using UPS or FedEx Ground. Large canvas tarps over 149 lbs are put on pallets and shipped using freight carriers. An order of canvas tarps whose individual canvas tarp weight is under 150 lbs but total canvas tarp shipment weight is over 150 lbs may be shipped via either freight or UPS Ground.

How Are Canvas Tarps Made?

First cotton fabrics are treated with chemicals to make canvas fabrics water resistant, mold and mildew resistant. Then treated canvas fabrics are cut and sewn with hems and seams and made into a canvas tarp. Finally, to finish canvas tarps, brass grommets are installed on edges and corners of canvas tarps.

Are Your Canvas Tarps Seamless?

All's canvas tarps have seams. We do not have seamless canvas tarps for sale.

Do Your Canvas Tarps Have Seams?

All's canvas tarps have seams. Canvas tarps are not recommended as photography background or movie screens.

Can I Use White Canvas Tarps as Movie Screens?

Canvas Tarps, including white canvas tarps are not recommended for movie screens because of canvas tarps have seams and the white canvas tarps are natural white color instead of bleached white color. We recommend high quality professional movie projection screens instead of a canvas tarp for your indoor or outdoor movie screen applications.

Do You Have Vinyl coated polyester canvas?

Yes, please visit our Vinyl Coated Polyester Tarps section for more information.

Can Canvas Tarps be Used As Awnings?

Canvas tarps are not recommended as awning fabrics. Please check out our awning fabrics section for more information.

What Type of Canvas Tarps Should I Use For My Chair?

Canvas tarps cannot be used for chair seat or back. For chair seat or back, please check out our #4 canvas duck fabrics in our canvas section.

Are Your Canvas Tarps Military Canvas?

Our canvas tarps are not same as old style military oil treated canvas. At this time, our canvas tarp products do not include military canvas tarps.

Are Your Canvas Tarps Marine Canvas?

Our canvas tarps are not marine canvas. For marine canvas or covers, please check out our our awning marine fabrics.

Do you sell canvas fabrics?

Yes. Please check out our Canvas Fabrics in our fabrics section.

Can I use canvas tarp fabrics for a canvas bag?

Treated canvas tarp fabrics are not recommended for canvas bags because wax and dye may rub off. For canvas bags, please check out our natural canvas duck fabrics in Fabrics Section.

Do Canvas Tarps Shrink Over Time?

Yes, canvas tarps do shrink over time. The exact shrinkage percentage depends on canvas tarps' surrounding environment, such as weather, UV exposure etc. For size stable fabrics, please consider vinyl coated polyester fabrics or awning fabrics.

What Are The Alternatives to Canvas Tarps?

The popular canvas tarp alternatives are vinyl coated polyester tarps, which are highly UV resistant and highly tear resistant. Please check out our vinyl coated polyester tarps in vinyl tarps section.

What is canvas tarps will call information?

Many canvas tarps can be picked up locally at our Atlanta Georgia warehouse. Please call Will Call at 404-551-4347 for will call and pickup hours. Our canvas tarps has usual 1 to 2 business days shipping transit time to neighboring states Alabama AL, Florida FL, Tennessee TN, Georgia, GA, South Carolina, SC, North Caroline NC, Louisiana LA. Order processing time is in addition to canvas tarps transit times.

More Canvas Tarps Questions?

Call or email our friendly customer service staff for your canvas tarp needs. We are ready to help you with your canvas tarp purchases.