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heavy duty tarps

Salvage Covers

Made in USA

Flame Retardant

Salvage covers are used at the scene of a fire to protect property from water damage and foul weather. The salvage runners protect the floors from unnecessary damage. Both salvage covers and salvage runners are available in two materials - Canvas and Vinyl.

Both canvas salvage covers and vinyl salvage covers have superior strength and performance. One difference between canvas salvage covers and vinyl salvage covers is that canvas salvage covers are water resistant, while vinyl salvage covers are waterproof.

Water resistant is not 100% water proof. Because canvas tarps are breathable, if there is standing water on canvas tarps, water will very slowly leak through canvas tarps. The advantage of canvas salvage covers are canvas tarps are breathable, they trap much less heat from the sun and canvas tarps do not accumulate water condensation.

If you don't see the size you needed, please contact us for special order.

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