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Stainless Steel Grommets

Made in USA

Stainless Steel Grommets with Washers. All stainless steel grommets comes in grommet and washer pairs. Sizes of stainless steel grommets are following.

Stainless steel grommets are strong and esthetically appealing. Stainless steel grommets are widely used when look of grommets are important. Stainless steel grommets are also widely used on tarps and covers in medical fields.

To manually set a stainless steel grommet, please consider our Gromme Hole Cutter and Grommet Inserting Die.

Grommet Size Chart

  • Size 00 - Hole size after setting 3/16", Flange Diameter .425"
  • Size 0 - Hole size after setting 1/4", Flange Diameter .545"
  • Size 1 - Hole size after setting 9/32", Flange Diameter .687"
  • Size 2 - Hole size after setting 3/8", Flange Diameter .815"
  • Size 3 - Hole size after setting 7/16", Flange Diameter .970"
  • Size 4 - Hole size after setting 1/2", Flange Diameter 1.050"
  • Size 5 - Hole size after setting 5/8", Flange Diameter 1.220"
  • Size 6 - Hole size after setting 13/16", Flange Diameter 1.750"

Looking for heavy duty grommets at lower prices? Please consider Brass Grommets. Brass grommets are also strong and rust resistant while brass grommets are much less expensive than stainless steel grommets.

  • Material: 305 / 306 Stainless Steel
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