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White Canvas Fabrics

White canvas fabrics by Yard or Rolls. 10 oz 100% natural cotton White canvas and White Canvas Duck. Ideal for canvas covers, White canvas sheets, White canvas bags. Finished and custom White canvas products available. Low Prices.

10 oz White canvas and #8 18 oz White duck canvas versatile as fabrics or covers. White canvas makes great indoor equipment covers, machine covers and other fabrics sewing projects.

  • White canvas fabrics: 10 oz cotton canvas, #12 duck canvas, #10 duck canvas, #8 duck canvas, #6 duck canvas, #4 duck canvas
  • Color: Natural White Canvas - not bleached white.
  • White canvas fabrics are not waterproof or water resistant.
  • White canvas fabrics are shipped in Continuous Yardage up to length of the fabric roll. For example, 10 yards of cut-yard fabric is shipped as ten continuous yards, not ten 1-yard individual pieces.
  • White canvas fabrics are fabrics only. No Grommets or hems.
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