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heavy duty tarps

Fabrics by the Yard, Rolls

Tarp Fabrics are shipped in Continuous Yardage up to the length of the fabric roll. For example, 10 yards of cut-yard fabric is shipped as ten continuous yards, not ten 1-yard individual pieces. For most tarp fabrics, the maximum tarp fabric roll length is 100 yards.

Cotton Duck Fabric
Cotton canvas fabrics and Cotton canvas duck fabrics for upholstery, garment, bags, drapes and curtains.
Polyester Canvas Fabrics
14.5 oz Polyester Canvas Tarp Fabric. Silicone treated polyester canvas. Water resistant. Olive Green.
Duck Canvas Fabrics - Natural
Duck canvas double filled canvas duck. #12, #10, #8, #4. Duck Canvas by Yard Roll.
Canvas Fabrics - Water Resistant Treated
Water Resistant Canvas Fabrics - 6 Colors available. Cotton canvas fabrics and polyester canvas fabrics. 1 to 100 Yards length.
Canvas Fabrics - Flame Retardant
Fully treated Flame Retardant - Olive Drab Color. Heavy Duty Canvas. 18 oz per sq. yard after treatment.
Poly Fabrics
poly fabrics: blue poly, white poly, silver / white poly, silver / black poly, clear poly by yard roll
Vinyl Fabrics
Vinyl Coated Polyester Fabrics and Vinyl Laminated Fabrics. Available in 15+ different Colors.
Clear Plastic Fabrics
20, 30 MIL Clear Vinyl Fabrics, Clear Poly Fabric
Neoprene Fabric
Neoprene fabrics are strong, tear resistant, flame retardant, chemical and acid resistant.
Shade Cloth Fabric
Shade Cloth Fabric. Available in 70% or 80% shading.
50% Vinyl Coated Mesh
Vinyl Mesh Tarp in Rolls. 10 oz per sq. yard. Choice of 9 different colors.
Boat Cover Fabric
Premium heavy duty boat cover canvas fabric by the yard. 10 oz / sq yard. 65% polyester and 35% cotton blend. Strong and durable.
Awning Marine Fabrics
Save on Awning Fabrics and Marine Fabrics by the Yard.
Black Canvas Fabrics
10 oz Black Canvas
#8 Black Duck Canvas 18 oz
Blue Canvas Fabrics
10 oz Blue Canvas
#10 Blue Duck Canvas 14.73 oz
#8 Blue Duck Canvas 18 oz
Red Canvas Fabrics
10 oz Red Canvas
#8 Red Duck Canvas 18 oz
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