6' Drop Flatbed Trailer Tarps

About 6' Drop Flatbed Trailer Tarps

What are 6 ft Drop Tarps?

The 6 foot drop tarp is a flatbed trailer tarp with 6 ft. side drops and 6 ft. tail. We carry both heavy duty 6 ft drop tarps of 18 oz vinyl and lightweight 6 ft tarps of airbag / vinyl combo material and 18 / 14 oz vinyl combo.

What is the size of 6 ft Drop Tarp?

Size is 27 ft long x 20 ft wide with 6 ft tail. A 53 ft flatbed trailer requires 2 piece to cover full length trailer load. A shorter gooseneck trailer or hotshot trailer may require 1 or 2 pieces depending on the trailer and load length.

Can I pick up the 6 ft drop tarps?

Yes. They are usually in stock and available for immediate pickup at MyTarp.com Warehouse in Atlanta.

6' Drop Flatbed Trailer Tarps