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Kinedyne coil racks flatbed trucking

What is a coil rack?

Steel coil racks are used with hardwood lumbers 4x4 to create a cradle for steel coil load on flatbed trailer to prevent steel coils from rocking and rolling. Use friction mats under coil racks for a better grip and prevent sliding.

What is a coil rack trucking? How to use coil racks?

  • Place rubber friction mat on flatbed
  • Place coil racks on top rubber friction mats
  • Place lumber on each end of coil racks to form cradle

What are coil racks rated for?

Max weight distribution per steel coil rack is 10,000 lbs approximately.

How many coil racks are needed to support 30,000 pound coil?

Three coil racks are required. Four coil racks are recommended.

WARNING: Coil rack itself is not a cargo control device and should not be accounted for in total cargo control system WLL calculations.

Coil Racks

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Friction mat for coil rack?

Use quality friction mat constructed with steel belting, which is sandwiched between recycled rubber. Friction mat has a rough, textured surface to gain a better grip and prevent coil racks from sliding.

Coil racks for flatbed trailers near me?

Coil racks are in stock for shipping or immediate pickup at Atlanta Warehouse.

What is heavy duty coil rack?

Heavy duty coil rack is made from heavy # 8 gauge steel. Regular coil racks are made with # 10 gauge steel. Please note for metal gauge, # 8 is thicker and heavier than # 10.

What is the finish of Kinedyne coil racks?

Kinedyne coil racks are powder coated in black color.

How to use coil racks and tarp steel coils?

To tarp steel coils, steel tarp or coil tarps and tarp bungees are required. Here is a video of how to tarp steel coils, both horizontal steel coils and upright steel coils.