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Need custom size tarp? At, we Custom Make Tarps! Available custom size tarp fabric and colors are listed below. Lead time varies depending on fabric and color availability. Just contact us at 404-800-8888 or email for a quote. We usually reply back within 1 - 2 business day. Occasionally, emails get lost or go to junk folder. If you don't hear back from us, please call 404-800-8888.

Make sure include the information: cut size or finished size, grommets spacing (every 1 ft, 2 ft etc.), fabric weight and color, ship-to zip code.

Custom Tarp Ordering Information

  1. Custom orders are currently taking approximately 3 - 4 weeks to produce (+ transit time).
  2. Production tries to make the tarp to your exact dimensions, however a 1 - 2 inch variance may occur.
  3. Tarp will have seams.
  4. Grommet placement will be approximate.
  5. Tarps are shipped folded, resulting in initial wrinkles and crinkles.
  6. Custom tarps are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Custom Tarp Sizes

Custom tarp sizes must be in whole inches, i.e., no fractional inches.

WARNING: For custom tarps, makes every reasonable effort to make tarp's size as close as to customer specification. However, due to inherent variances in tarp manufacturing, custom tarp's eventual finished size may still vary from customer specified size by 1 - 2 inches. Please plan and allow for slight variance in size during tarp installation.

Custom Tarp Fabric and Colors:

Custom Canvas Tarps:

Treated: water resistant or flame retardant

  • 10 oz/sq.yard, water, mildew and rot resistant, choice of 2 colors: Mustard Tan, Natural White
  • 12 oz/sq.yard, water, mildew and rot resistant, choice of 3 colors: Olive Drab, Brown, Green
  • 15 oz/sq.yard, water, mildew and rot resistant, choice of 2 colors: Olive Drab, Green
  • Flame Retardant canvas tarp: 12 or 15 oz / sq. yard, Olive Drab color only

Numbered Duck Custom Canvas Tarps:

Untreated 100% natural cotton canvas double filled

  • #12 Duck Canvas Fabric Weight 11.45 oz/sq.yard
  • #10 Duck Canvas Fabric Weight 14.73 oz/sq.yard
  • #8 Duck Canvas Fabric Weight 18 oz/sq.yard
  • #4 Duck Canvas Fabric Weight 24.25 oz/sq.yard

Single Filled Natural Custom Canvas Tarps:

  • untreated natural canvas - Fabric Weight 10 oz/sq.yard

Triangle Tarps

Ordering triangle tarps is as easy as 1-2-3. Please see the Triangle Tarp Order Form for more details.

  1. Go to Triangle Tarps page.
  2. Fill out the Triangle Tarp Order Form.
  3. Email or fax the Triangle Tarp Order Form to

Custom Poly Tarps:

  • Silver/Black Poly Tarps, 7 oz/sq. yard
  • Silver/White Poly Tarps, 7 oz/sq. yard
  • Off White Poly Tarps, 7 oz/sq. yard - Flame Retardant
  • Blue Poly Tarps, 6 oz/sq. yard
  • White Poly Tarps, 6 oz/sq. yard

Custom Clear Tarps:

Please note 20 MIL Clear Vinyl Tarp and 30 MIL Clear Vinyl Tarps are the clear plastic tarps widely used by restaurants and fruit stands.

  • Custom Clear Vinyl Tarp 20 mil thick
  • Custom Clear Vinyl Tarp 30 mil thick
  • Custom Clear Poly String Reinforced, 7 oz/sq. yard

Custom Vinyl Tarps:

Custom Vinyl Coated Polyester Tarps

  • Custom Vinyl Coated Polyester Tarps: 10 oz., 14 oz., 18 oz., and 22 oz/sq.yard
  • Choice of 10 colors: Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Brown, Orange, Red, Tan, White, Yellow

Custom Vinyl Laminated Polyester Tarps

  • Vinyl Laminated Polyester, Flame Retardant, 13 oz., and 22 oz/sq.yard,
  • Choice of 9 colors: Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Red, Tan, White, Yellow, Translucent

Custom Mesh & Sun Shade Tarps - Custom Sun Shade Tarp - Shade Cloth Tarps

  • 10 oz Vinyl Coated Mesh Tarp, Colors: Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Red, Tan, White, Yellow
  • Knitted Polypropylene Shade Cloth Mesh, 70% or 80% shade. Colors: Black or Green.
  • Sun Shade Mesh Tarps: UV block percentage 80%, 85%, 86%, 90%. Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Tan, White.
  • Boat Slip Boat Dock Shade Curtains Tarp: 86% Super Shade - Black, Blue, Green, Gray, Tan, White

Custom 5 Sided Box Covers:

Box Covers 5 makes 5 sided tarps use any fabric mentioned above. Great for machines covers and equipment covers. Just send us the following info for quote.

  • Finished Size: Length (from left to right) x Width (front to back) x Height (top to bottom)
  • Fabric and Color
  • Grommet spacing

5-Sided Box Cover Tarp for Outdoor Grill
Top: A 5-sided tarp used as outdoor grill cover.

Custom Awning and Marine Tarps

Recacril awning fabrics and marine fabrics are perfect for commercial awnings and boat marine shade cover tarps and other outdoor applications. Recacril has tight weaving and provides outstanding water resistance and fabric stability

Custom Tarp Drawing Requirements

For custom tarps of shapes other than a simple square or rectangle, a drawing of the tarp itself is required. is unable to work off pictures or diagrams of machines, backyards or buildings. The drawing must be for the tarp, not for what the tarp covers, for example, machine, truck trailer, parts or building etc. does not provide measuring or design services and cannot make drawings for customers. If help is needed to measure or design the tarp, or to create a tarp drawing, please find a qualified contractor or installer.

The custom tarp drawing must have all details, including the following required information. Please note that drawing does not have to be CAD drawing. A hand drawing with all details will suffice.

  • Custom tarp sizes - Please note custom tarp finished size is subject to -/+ 1 - 2 inch tolerance.
  • Any special curves, cut-outs, doors, windows, tapers, zippers
  • Tarp material and color
  • Grommet, Velcro, Webbing or D-ring location and spacing

Custom Tarp Drawing Examples

Here are some examples of custom tarp drawings.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3: