Twist Lock Fasteners

About Twist Lock Fasteners

Why Twist Lock Fasteners are Cuter Than a Kitten?

People love twist lock fasteners. Why? Because they are gorgeous. And they hold tarps, covers and curtains securely in place on boats, decks and patios. MyTarp's heavy duty twist lock fasteners are made from solid brass nickel.

IMPORTANT: Twist Lock Fasteners require oval Twist Lock Grommets. Twist lock fasteners do NOT work with regular round tarp grommets.

How Does Twist Lock Fastener Work?

4 easy steps to install a twist lock fastener.

  1. Install oval twist lock fastener grommet eyelet and washer on tarp curtain
  2. Install the twist lock fastener on frame or wall where tarp curtain will fasten to
  3. Thread thread the twist lock fastener the oval eyelet
  4. Turn the knob 90 degrees and lock securely. -- You are done!
Twist Lock Fastener Oval Eyelet
Twist Lock Oval Eyelet
Twist Lock Fastener Unlocked
Twist Lock Fastener Locked
Turn 90 Degrees to Lock

We Install Twist Lock Fasteners For You

If you need twist lock fasteners on your tarps, please call at (404)800-8888 to order custom made tarps. We install heavy duty twist lock fastener eyelets and washers on your tarps and ship matching twist lock fasteners with your tarps to you.

Installing Twist Lock Fasteners Yourself?

Following items are needed to install twist lock fasteners yourself.

Twist Lock Fasteners