Tarp Sizes

What are the sizes of tarps?

What sizes do tarps come in? 5' x 5' to 170' x 170' stock tarp size are available at MyTarp.com. Custom tarp size can be as large as 300' x 300' depending on tarp material.

What size tarp for camping?

Popular camping tarp sizes are 8 x 6, 10 x 8, 12 x 10, 16 x 12.

Camping tarp size should be lightweight and not too large.

What tarp size for under tent?

Tarp size under tent = Tent footprint size

For example, a 10' x 10' tent needs a 10' x 10' under tent tarp.

Tent ground tarp size should equal tent footprint size. A slightly larger tarp can be folded back to size if needed.

What tarp size for tent rain fly?

Tent rain fly tarp size are larger the tent base, both in length and width. Here are tarp sizes for some Coleman tents.

Tent Capacity Floor Size Tarp Size
2 person 7' x 5' 10' x 8'
4 person 9' x 7' 10' x 10'
6-person 10' x 10" 14' x 12'
8-person 16' x 7' 20' x 14'

What size tarp for 15 ft round pool?

18 ft round tarp is used for a 15 ft round pool.

Round pool tarp is 2 - 3 ft larger than the pool usually.

What size tarp for 18 ft round pool?

20 ft round tarp is used for a round pool.

Round pool tarp is 2 - 3 ft larger than the pool usually.

What size tarp to cover car?

Car tarp size should cover the car's length and width and height. When in doubt, measure size of the tarp needed with a tape measure.

For example, a Toyota Camry usually needs a 24' x 12' tarp.

SUV's and trucks need a larger tarp than a sedan because of their larger size.

How to measure tarp size?

Measure a tarp size using a tape measure.

Important - Measure the size of the tarp you need, not the canopy frame or tent footprint size. Often the tarp size is larger than canopy or tent footprint size because of A-frame / peak / dome / gable shaped roof.

What is the largest size tarp?

MyTarp.com has many Large Tarps for roofing construction, flatbed trucking and sports tarps.

Question of what size tarp to get?

Call MyTarp.com at 404-800-8888 for your tarp size questions.