Cotton Duck Canvas Tarps

About Cotton Duck Canvas Tarps

Cotton Duck Canvas Tarps made from double-filled numbered duck canvas fabrics. Numbered cotton duck canvas has extremely densely weave patterns. They are thick, strong and tear resistant. Duck canvases are widely used in school art projects. No water resistant treatments - Easy to paint on! Popular for heavy duty floor canvas covers, MMA and boxing ring covers, indoor curtains, artist canvas and machine covers. Fabric Shrinkage After Washing: 8 - 10%. Grommet Spacing: Heavy Duty Brass Grommets every 2 ft approximately

Duck Canvas Fabric Weight Table
#4 Duck Canvas Fabric Weight 24.25 oz / sq. yard
#8 Duck Canvas Fabric Weight 18 oz / sq. yard
#10 Duck Canvas Fabric Weight 14.73 oz / sq. yard
#12 Duck Canvas Fabric Weight 11.45 oz / sq. yard

What is difference between duck cloth and numbered duck canvas?

Duck cloth has a single filled weave pattern. Numbered duck canvas fabrics have tighter double-filled weave pattern. Cotton duck canvas fabrics are usually stronger than single filled duck cloth.

What are common Numbered Cotton Duck Canvas?

The most popular numbered duck canvas are #4, #8, #10 and #12, fabric weight 24.25, 18, 14.73 and 11.45 respectively.

Are these Cotton Duck Canvas Tarps Waterproof?

The cotton duck canvas tarps in this collection are not waterproof and not water resistant treated. They are natural unbleached, undyed and untreated raw cotton duck canvas.

Can these natural cotton duck canvas tarps be primed for painting?

Yes. These cotton duck canvas tarps are made from natural cotton duck and have no coating and can be easily primed for art painting projects.

Are these cotton duck canvas tarps seamless?

No. These cotton duck canvas tarps are not seamless. All canvas tarps may have seams. If you need seamless cotton duck canvas tarps, please call for more information.

Do these cotton duck canvas tarps heave grommets?

Yes. Our cotton duck canvas tarps have heavy duty brass grommets on all 4 corners and 4 sides. The grommet spacing is approximately every 2 ft.

Cotton Duck Canvas Tarps