About Truck Tarps

Truck tarps for flatbed trailers, hotshot trailers and gooseneck trailers

Truck tarps for sale, semi flatbed trailer truck tarps and hotshot trailer and gooseneck flatbed tarps. All trucking tarps: Steel Tarps, Lumber tarps, Dump Truck Tarps. In stock for immediate pick up. Atlanta, GA. Check out our how to tarp a flatbed trailer load for helpful tips!

Semi Tarps - Flatbed Truck Tarps Near Me

Truck tarps, flatbed truck tarps and semi tarp for commercial flatbed trailers and hotshot trailers. Steel tarps, lumber tarps, dump truck tarps. In stock in Atlanta, GA.

Lightweight flatbed tarps, lightweight airbag tarps and heavy duty truck tarps available.

  • Flatbed truck tarps: 4 ft tarp, 6 ft tarp, 8 ft and 10 ft tarp
  • Other flatbed truck tarp Sizes: 16 x 16, 20 x 16, 25 x 16, 27 x 16, 27 x 20, 6 x 6 x 6 Coil Bag
  • Flatbed trailer type: 53 foot semi trailer, hot shot trailer, gooseneck trailer
  • Lightweight flatbed tarps, lightweight lumber tarps, lightweight truck tarps available

Dump Truck Tarps

Dump truck covers including dump truck mesh tarp, dump truck asphalt tarps, roll tarp for dump truck, dump truck pull tarps.

  • Dump Truck Tarp Width: 7' or 7'6". Length: 12' - 48'.
  • Material: Black Mesh, Monster Mesh, Asphalt
  • Roll Tarp Type: front-to-back, side-to-side, hand pull

Truck Tarps

What kind of tarps do truckers use?

Semi flatbed truckers use flatbed tarps, including lumber tarps, steel tarps, and coil tarps. Depending on how tall the load is, 4 ft drop tarp, 6 ft drop tarp and 8 ft drop tarps are used.

Dump trucks uses dump truck tarps, including standard mesh dump truck tarps and asphalt tarps.

What is the toughest tarp?

The toughest tarp material is 18 oz vinyl coated polyester. Heavy duty semi flatbed truck tarps are made from this tough tarp material.

How heavy are truck tarps?

Truck tarps weigh 40 - 120 lbs, depending on size and material. Heavy duty truck tarp material is 18 oz vinyl. Lightweight truck tarp materials are parachute, airbag material or ripstop canvas.

What size tarp do I need to cover truck flatbed trailer?

The size of tarp for semi flatbed depending on load type and load size. 53' ft semi flatbed trailers need 2 of 27 ft long tarps. 40 ft hotshot trailers need one 18 ft long + one 27 long to cover full trailer. Depending on load height, 4 ft drop tarps, 6-ft drop tarps and 8-ft drop tarps are used.

Pickup truck tarps?

Best pickup truck tarps are 18 oz vinyl coated polyester tarps, the same type of tarp material used by commercial heavy duty semi flatbed tarps.

Dump truck tarps and mesh truck tarps?

Yes, MyTarp.com has dump truck tarps, including mesh truck tarps and solid waterproof 18 oz asphalt tarps.

Custom truck tarps?

Yes, MyTarp make custom truck tarps in various sizes, materials and colors. Please call MyTarp.com at 404-800-8888 to order custom truck tarps.