White Plastic Sheeting

About White Plastic Sheeting

Why White Plastic Sheeting is Sexy?

  • More light, cleaner look with solid white color
  • Beautiful encapsulated crawl space with 10 MIL white plastic sheeting
  • Higher virgin polymer content in white plastic sheeting - less recycled content
  • Made in USA

5 Applications You Should Consider White Plastic Sheeting

  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Vapor barrier, moisture barrier
  • Construction material cover
  • Environmental ground protection
  • Pest control fumigation


White plastic sheeting for crawl space encapsulation, building moisture control, construction enclosures and vapor barriers.

White plastic sheeting has solid white color and blocks more view for enclosure privacy than clear / translucent plastic sheeting. Flame retardant white plastic sheeting available.

For splicing and sealing together white plastic sheeting panels, please use plastic sheeting tapes.

  • Color: Solid White. More view blocking than clear translucent poly plastic sheeting.
  • Thickness: 4 MIL, 6 MIL, 10 MIL
  • Flame / Fire Retardant Version Available: Yes
  • Country of Origin: Made in USA

How White Plastic Sheeting is Different from Clear Plastic Sheeting?

White plastic sheeting is solid white color, like white printer paper, while most clear translucent plastic sheeting is grayish color. White plastic sheeting usually has higher virgin polymer content than clear plastic sheeting.

White Plastic Sheeting