Open Top Container Tarps

About Open Top Container Tarps

Made in USA

Container tarp cover for open-top containers. Protect your container and contents from rain and weather damages.

  • Durable fabrics include: vinyl coated polyester fabric and temper tent tarp fabric.
  • Heavy duty brass grommets every 2 ft on all 4 sides
  • Need custom open container tarps? Call at 404-800-8888.

What is an open top container?

An open top containers has top open and allows cargo loading from the top. Open top containers are used for bulky cargo such as machinery and bulk parts. Some open top containers are also used for temporary storage.

Open top container sizes

Intermodal open top containers made from steel usually are 8 ft to 8 ft 6 in wide and 20 ft or 40 ft long. Custom open containers for semi trucks could be different sizes.

Open Top Container Tarps