Lumber Tarps

About Lumber Tarps

Pro grade flatbed truck tarps with 4 ft, 6 ft or 8 ft side drops, aka, lumber tarps. Available for immediate pickup at Warehouse.

  • 4 ft Drop Flatbed Truck Tarps
  • 6 ft Drop Flatbed Truck Tarps
  • 8 ft Drop Flatbed Truck Tarps

What is a Lumber Tarp?

A lumber tarp is a commercial flat bed trailer tarp with a flap. For example, a 8-foot drop lumber tarp is a 8-foot drop flatbed tarp with a 8 x 8 flap. The flap height is usually the same as the drop size. For example, the lumber tarp flap size is 8 x 8 for 8-foot drop tarp, 8 x 6 for 6-foot drop tarp, and 8 x 4 for a 4-foot drop tarp.

Lumber Tarps