About Lumber Tarps

What is a Lumber Tarp?

A lumber tarp is a commercial flat bed trailer tarp with a end flap. For example, a 8-foot drop lumber tarp is a 8-foot drop flatbed tarp with a 8 x 8 flap. The flap height is usually the same as the drop size. For example, the lumber tarp flap size is 8 x 8 for 8-foot drop tarp, 8 x 6 for 6-foot drop tarp, and 8 x 4 for a 4-foot drop tarp.

What size is a lumber tarp?

What's the difference between lumber tarps and steel tarps?

Lumber tarp has an additional tail end flap, while steel tarp does not.

How heavy is a lumber tarp?

Lumber tarp weights are 60 - 120 lbs depending on the lumber tarp size and material.

Lightweight lumber tarps

Yes, MyTarp.com has Light weight lumber tarps.

What size tarp for hot shot trucking or gooseneck trailer?

40 ft hot shot trailer or gooseneck trailer uses One 27' long tarp + One 18' long tarp to cover the full trailer length.

Lumber Tarps

How to tarp a load of lumber?

Here is a step-by-step video on How to tarp a flatbed load.

Lumber tarps vs steel tarps?

Lumber tarps and steel tarps are both flatbed trailer tarps made from the same materials and construction. Lumber tarp is a rectangluar flatbed tap with an extra end flap. Steel tarp is a rectangular tarp without the extra end flap.

With an extra end flap, Lumber tarps are used when loads are longer, for example, building materials and equipment. Steel tarps are used for shorter loads, such as steel sheet pallets, steel coils and machinery.

Types of lumber tarp materials

Lumber tarp materials availabel are:

  • Heavy duty 18 vinyl
  • Lightweight 14 vinyl
  • Lightweight parachute fabric / airbag material
  • Super lightweight polyurethane coated ripstop canvas

Features of Lumber Tarps

  • Strong material: 18 oz vinyl, 14 oz vinyl, lightweight parachute / airbag material, lightweight ripstop canvas
  • Heavy duty brass grommets on all edges
  • Heavy duty welded D-rings box stitched onto webbing reinforcement

Why MyTarp.com has better lumber tarps?