Stayput Fasteners

About Stayput Fasteners

Keep your boat canvas curtains, shade curtains and tarps securely in place. Easy to install and operate. Designed and manufactured in Australia. There are two main types of Stayput fasteners: Stayput Shock Cord Bungee Fasteners and Stayput Toggle Fasteners.

Stayput Shock Cord

Stayput shock cord cover clip is easy to install and keep marine curtains, panels, mooring and tarps tight and taut. Replacement shock cord bungees available.

Stayput Toggle Fasteners

Stayput toggle fasteners are easy to install and is compatible with size #2 grommets. For larger grommets, a flat washer is required; other wise tarp grommet will slid off.

Stayput Fasteners