About Dump Truck Tarps

Dump truck tarps

Whatever your dump truck style or size, MyTarp.com has the right tarp for you. Our dump truck tarps are made of the highest quality mesh and waterproof materials to withstand tough road and weather conditions. Here are some dump truck tarp information to help you find the right tarp for you. If you have any questions, please contact us and we are here to help.

We make custom tarps to fit your exact requirements. Call MyTarp.com at 404-800-8888 for a quick custom tarp quote.


  • Pro grade dump truck tarps for dump truck bed covers. Made in USA.
  • Reinforced pockets and heavy duty webbing reinforced hems.
  • Front-to-back Lee Style Dump Truck Tarps are designed for use on steel systems.
  • 6 in. vinyl lined pocket on one end for wand cross bar. Vinyl lined pocket for extra durability.

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Dump Truck Tarps