Clear Tarps Buying Guide

Different Types of Clear Tarps

There are following types of clear plastic tarps.

Clear vinyl tarp fabric is crystal clear. It is widely used for restaurant patio winter enclosure, patio and deck enclosure and winter building enclosures. Clear vinyl tarp fabrics are much heavier than clear poly tarp fabric.

30 MIL clear vinyl tarp has better cold weather tolerance. 30 MIL clear vinyl fabric is 50% thicker than 20 MIL. It withstand the winter winds and snow better in areas with colder winter weather and snows.

Clear poly tarps are translucent. It is not crystal clear. It allows lights to pass through. However, you do not see in clear details what is behind the tarp. Clear poly tarp is popular for agricultural green house and industrial enclosures.

How to Store Clear Vinyl Tarps

When storing clear vinyl tarps, please make sure the tarp is dry and clean. Store at room temperature and away from moisture and condensation.