Steel Tarps

About Steel Tarps

Steel tarps for flatbed trucking trailers

Steel tarp, similar to lumber tarp, is a flatbed trucking tarp without an end flap. Steel tarps are designed to protect flatbed trailer loads for steel sheets, rods, cables, coils and machinery.

Pro-grade flatbed steel tarps are UV resistant and tear resistant. Reinforced edges and webbing reinforced heavy duty welded D-ring for easy tarp tie-down and durability.

What are steel tarps used for?

Steel tarps are used for commercial flatbed trailer trucking to cover steel sheets, rods and equipment.

What's the difference tween lumber tarps and steels tarps?

The difference is lumber tarp has an additional tail end flap, while steel tarp does not. See lumber tarps for comparison.

How long are steel tarps?

Steel tarp lengths are from 16 ft, 20 ft, 25 ft to 27 ft depending the overal steel tarp size.

Steel Tarps

What is a steel tarp?

A steel tarp is a flatbed trucking tarp in a rectangle shape without an end flap. Steel tarps cover aluminum and steel sheets, plates, rods, coils and other products on semi flatbed trailers during transport.

Lightweight flatbed tarps?

Yes, has lightweight flatbed tarps.

Used flatbed tarps for sale near me?

For quality and safety reason, MyTarp does not sell used flatbed tarps. All our flatbed tarps are new.

Lumber tarps vs. steels tarps?

Lumber tarp is a rectangle tarp with an extra end flap, while steel tarp is a rectangle tarp without end flap. Lumber tarp is more versatile and can cover longer loads because of the extra end flap, although you would have to fold in the end flap, if it is not needed when covering a short load.

Heavy duty steel tarp?

Heavy duty steel tarps are made with strong and durable 18 oz vinyl coated polyester material. 18 oz vinyl is easy to repair with HH-66 vinyl cement and vinyl patch material.

What is a coil tarp?

Coil tarp is a faltbed tarp designed to cover a steel coil. Coil tarp can be unfitted or fitted. Unfitted coil tarp is a square rectangle flatbed tarp for a steel coil. Fitted coil bag tarp is shaped like a square or contoured bag to cover a steel coil.