Poly Cotton Fabric

About Poly Cotton Fabric

poly cotton blend fabric

Poly cotton is a blend of polyester and natural cotton. Commonly used to make clothes, furniture covers and bed sheets. Poly cotton blend combines cotton's breathability and and polyester's softness and durability. Poly cotton is soft, comfortable and durable for uniforms, shirts, sheets and furniture covers.

Poly Cotton vs Cotton vs Polyester

Poly cotton combines the excellent breathability of cotton fabric and the tear-resistance of polyester.

  • Poly cotton is stronger than cotton - More abrasion resistant and longer garment life. Best for uniforms.
  • Poly cotton maintains shape and colors longer than cotton or polyester
  • Poly cotton is soft and comfortable - more winkle free than cotton
  • Poly cotton is more breathable than polyester fabric - less cling
  • Poly cotton blends dry 50% faster than cotton

Poly Cotton Fabric

65-35 Polyester Cotton Twill Fabric 60" Width

65-35 Polyester Cotton Twill Fabric 60" Width

Why polyester cotton blend fabric over cotton?

Polyester and cotton blend is a softer, more comfortable and more durable fabric material than cotton. It is lighter than cotton fabric, does not cling to the body like polyester and last longer. It combines cotton's superior breathablity of polyester's durability. A perfect school uniform fabric and bed sheet and pillow case material.

What are poly cotton fabric used for?

Polyester contton blend are used to make chairs, seat cushions, couches, futons, tablecloths for trade shows, corn hole bags, bed sheets, pillow cases, apparel, uniforms, napkins, undergarments and many other things.

65% cotton 35% polyester blend

65-35 polyester cotton fabric is super popular for uniforms, shirts, seat covers and slip covers.

Poly cotton fabrics do not stick to the body as polyester does. Poly-cotton dress allows air circulation. Uses include shirts, bed sheets, tablecloths, undergarments, pillowcases, slip covers and furniture covers.

What is twill fabric?

Twill fabric has a weave pattern of diagonal parallel ribs. Twill is one of three types of fabric weaves along with plain weave and satin. It is made by passing the weft thread over one or more warp threads then under two or more warp threads. Twill generally drapes well.

How to wash poly cotton fabric?

It is best to wash poly cotton blend fabric in warm water and dry in low to medium heat. If ironing is needed, iron with low heat.