Lightweight Flatbed Tarps

About Lightweight Flatbed Tarps

Why lightweight flatbed tarps for semi truck flatbed trailers?

Because regular flatbed tarps are heavy. Lightweight truck tarps are easier to handle.

What are lightweight truck tarp materials?

Following lightweight lumber tarp and lightweight steel tarp materials are available.

  • 18 oz and 14 oz vinyl combo
  • 18 oz and airbag / parachute combo
  • Lightweight airbag / parachute material
  • Super ultra lightweight ripstop polyurethane coated polyester canvas

Which is the super lightweight flatbed tarp?

The ultra lightweight flatbed tarp material is the lightweight ripstop polyurethane coated polyester canvas.

Heavy 18 oz flatbed tarps with light weight?

Yes, 3-piece lumber tarp has three 18-ft long sections. Each section is only 70+ lbs. Heavy duty performance and lightweight each piece.

Lightweight Flatbed Tarps