About Flatbed Tarps

Flatbed truck trailer tarp

Pro-grade flatbed truck tarps for semi trailers, hotshot trailers and gooseneck trailers. Heavy duty and lightweight lumber tarps, steel tarps, 4-f drop tarps, 6-ft drop tarps and 8-ft drop tarps. Truck tarp straps and bungees. Fast shipping. Easy pickup in Atlanta, GA!

What kind of tarps do truckers use?

Flatbed truckers use lumber tarps, 4 ft drop tarp, 6-ft drop tarp, 8-ft drop tarp, steel tarps and coil tarps.

How heavy are flatbed tarps?

40 lbs to 115 lbs depending on size and material. The heaviest are heavy duty 8 ft drop flatbed tarp and 10 ft drop flatbed tarp.

Lightweight flatbed tarps?

Yes. MyTarp.com has ultra super lightweight truck tarps. Parachute fabric, airbag fabric, ripstop canvas.

What's the difference between lumber tarps and steel tarps?

Lumber tarps have an additional 8'x4, 8'x6', 8'x8', 8'x10' tail flap, while steel tarps do not.

How do you tarp a flatbed?

How to tarp a flatbed load? Here is step-by-step tips and video of How to tarp a load on a flatbed trailer.

What size tarps for hotshot?

40' hotshot trailers use One 27' length tarp + One 18' length tarp to cover the whole trailer.

How to repair flatbed tarps?

Vinyl flatbed tarps can be repaired with hh-66 vinyl cement glue and 18 oz vinyl material. Clean tarp surface before applying HH-66 vinyl cement and wait for the glue to cure before using the tarp.

Flatbed Tarps

Flatbed tarp materials

  • Heavy duty 18 oz vinyl coated polyester
  • Lightweight 14 oz vinyl coated polyester
  • Lightweight airbag / parachute material
  • Super lightweight polyurathane ripstop canvas

Which flatbed semi truck tarp to buy?

Factors to consider for the right flatbed truck tarp.

  • Length of flatbed trailer
  • Load type and load length, width and height
  • Flatbed Tarp Material: Heavy duty or lightweight

Truck tarp for 53' semi flatbed trailer?

Two 27' long flat tarp cover the full length of the 53' flatbed trailer. Depending on load height, use a 4 ft drop truck tarp, 6 ft drop truck tarp, 8' drop truck tarp.

What size truck tarp for hotshot or gooseneck trailers?

One 27' long + One 18' long flat tarp cover the full length of the 40' hotshot trailer or gooseneck trailer.

Durable flatbed tarp construction

MyTarp.com's flatbed truck tarps are made from 3 kinds of durable materials: heavy duty 18 oz vinyl coated polyeseter, lighweight airbag / parachute material, super lightweight polyurathane coated ripstop canvas

All MyTarp.com's flatbed truck tarps have webbing reinforced heavy duty D-rings and reinforced edges.

Flatbed Tarps in Stock

Flatbed tarps, semi flatbed trailer tarps and hot shot trailer tarps. 4-ft drop, 6-ft drop, 8-ft drop flatbed tarps available. Looking for flatbed tarp near me? Flatbed trailer tarps in stock for pickup at MyTarp Atlanta warehouse.

Lumber Tarps

Flatbed lumber tarp is a rectangle tarp with an extra tail flap on one end. Lumber tarp is an all-purpose semi flatbed truck tarp, although it got its name covering lumber stock.

Steel Tarps

Steel tarps are similar to lumber tarps, but without the tail end flap. Flatbed steel truck tarps are designed to protect steel products and machinery.

Smoke Tarps

Smoke tarps or flatbed nose tarps are used to cover front of a load to protect it from dirt, debris and exhaust smoke and soot.

Coil Tarps

Coil tarps, or coil bag tarps cover steel or aluminum coils on flatbed trailers. Compared with steel tarps, coil tarps reduce folding time.

3-Piece Tarps

3-piece truck tarp use three 18' long tarps instead of two 27' long tarps to cover 53' semi flatbed trailer. Lightweight each piece means easy handling. You can also use 2 of 18-ft 3-piece tarp for a 40 ft hotshot or gooseneck trailer.

Parachute Tarps and Airbag Tarps

Parachute truck tarps and airbag truck tarps are ultra super lightweight truck tarps. Easy to handle!

How to clean truck tarp?

Clean truck tarp regularly to remove dirt and grime. Use soap and water and with a brush. No harsh detergent, bleach or chemicals.

Corner Protectors

Corner protectors protect flatbed truck tarps from load's sharp corners and edges. For drywell, use vee-boards for corner protection.

Looking for used flatbed tarps for sale near me?

For safety reasons, MyTarp does not carry used flatbed tarps for sale. All our flatbed tarps are brand new.

Which truck tarp is right for me?

Questions of which flatbed truck tarp to get? Call friendly MyTarp.com customer service at 404-800-8888. We will help you find the right tarps for your flatbed trailer and load.