Natural Cotton Canvas Tarps - Untreated

About Natural Cotton Canvas Tarps - Untreated

Natural cotton canvas tarps with brass grommets every 2 ft approximately. Ideal for heavy duty industrial covers in machine shops and factories. Unbleached and untreated. Not water resistant treated.

What is numbered cotton canvas duck?

Duck canvas is more tightly woven than plain weave canvas. Duck canvas is woven with two yarns together in warp and a single yarn in weft.

Numbered cotton duck weights

  • # 4 - 24 oz/sq yd - popular for heavy-duty work clothes, hammocks, sand bags, director chairs, place mats, belts
  • # 8 - 18 oz/sq yd - popular for backpacks, painted floor cloths, tents, tarps, awnings, work clothes, bags
  • # 10 - 14.75 oz/sq yd - popular for artist canvas, murals, shower curtains, painted floor cloths, hammocks, clothes
  • # 12 - 11.5 oz/sq yd - popular for stretched artist canvas, furniture slip covers, light clothes

What is natural 10 oz cotton canvas?

The natural 10 oz cotton canvas is a single-filled cotton canvas that is not dyed, bleached or treated. It is popular for drop cloth and machine covers.

Natural Cotton Canvas Tarps - Untreated