Aluminum Fiberglass

About Aluminum Fiberglass

Aluminum fiberglass fabrics

Aluminized fiberglass fabrics or aluminum fiberglass fabrics offers the high heat resistance and heat reflection. Ideal for applications that require a radiant heat barrier. Made from inorganic materials, the fiberglass fabric will not produce hazardous out-gassing when subjected to high heat environments.

What is aluminum fiberglass fabric?

Aluminum fiberglass is a high temperature rated aluminum bonded fiberglass fabric. Used for radiant heat barrier and heat reflecting curtains.

What is the temperature rating of aluminum fiberglass?

Temperature rating of fiberglass side is 1000 F. Working temperature of aluminum side is 300 F.

Is aluminum fiberglass fire flame retardant?

Yes, it is inherently fire flame retardant since it is made from fiberglass and aluminum.

Aluminum Fiberglass

Any fiberglass fabric besides aluminum coating?

Yes, has Acrylic coated fiberglass, Silicone coated fiberglass and Vermiculite coated fiberglass.