Heavy Duty Lumber Tarps

About Heavy Duty Lumber Tarps

Heavy duty lumber tarp for sale

18 oz vinyl coated polyester heavy duty lumber tarp material. Durable, proven and easy to patch up and repair.

  • Heavy duty 18 oz vinyl
  • Heavy duty welded D-rings on black webbing

What size is a lumber tarp?

  • 4 ft lumber tarp (L' x W'): 27'x 16'
  • 6 ft lumber tarp (L' x W'): 27'x 20'
  • 8 ft lumber tarp (L' x W'): 27'x 24', 27'x 18', 27'x 53'
  • 10 ft lumber tarp (L' x W'): 27'x 28'

Lumber Tarps vs Steel Tarps - What's the difference between lumber tarps and steel tarps?

Difference is lumber tarp has one end tail flap, while steel tarp is a rectangle tarp without tail flap.

How heavy is a lumber tarp?

60 to 120 lbs depending on lumber tarp material and size.

What size tarp for hot shot trucking?

Hot shot trucking or gooseneck trailer 40 ft flatbed requires a 27 ft length tarp + 18 ft length tarp to cover the full trailer length.

Heavy Duty Lumber Tarps