About Drain Tarps Leak Diverters

Drain tarp, leak diverter tarp

A drain tarp or leak diverter tarp protects people, equipment and materials from roof leaks, ceiling leaks and pipe leaks. A drain tarp / leak diverter tarp is a tarp with garden hose connection to a garden hose to divert water leaks from people or equipment. MyTarp.com has the largest selection of leak diverter tarps, drain tarps, roof leak diverters, ceiling leak diverter tarps, pipe leak diverters in stock. Fastest shipping and delivery!

What is a drain tarp or leak diverter tarp?

A drain tarps or leak diverter tarp has garden hose drain connector to catch water from ceiling leaks, roof leaks or pipe leaks and safely drains water away using a standard 3/4" garden hose. Drain tarps or leak diverters tarps can protect equipment, merchandise or offices from roof leak or ceiling leaks.

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Drain Tarps Leak Diverters

6' x 6' Anti-Static Drain Tarp - 11 oz Vinyl - White Color

6' x 6' Anti-Static Drain Tarp - 11 oz Vinyl - White Color