Heavy Duty Waterproof Tarps

About Heavy Duty Waterproof Tarps

Made in USA

Heavy Duty Waterproof Tarps: Strong UV Resistant waterproof tarps For Florida, California, Arizona High UV Heat areas. Durable heavy duty waterproof tarps for marine boat dock tarp, boat slip tarp and patio tarps.


  • Tarp Fabric: UV resistant and tear resistant Vinyl Coated Polyester Tarp Fabric and Military Temper Tent Vinyl Fabric
  • 18 OZ Vinyl Coated Polyester Tarp is the same tarp fabric used by commercial flatbed truck trailers on the highway.
  • Temper Tent Vinyl Tarp is the same fabric used by US military for personnel tent and tent fly.

Need Custom Heavy Duty Waterproof Tarps?

MyTarp.com make custom waterproof tarps upon request. Call MyTarp at (404)800-8888 to order.

Heavy Duty Waterproof Tarps