Large Grommets

About Large Grommets

Large Grommets for Curtains, Canvas, Fabric

Large metal grommets for curtains, canvas, drapes and fabric panels. Extra large grommets - hole size 2 inches. Ideal for hanging curtain, canvas and fabric drapes.

  • Material Finish: Brass, Nickel, Black, Antique
  • Size 10 - Grommet Hole Diameter 1 1/2 inches.
  • Size 12 - Grommet Hole Diameter 1 9/16 inches.
  • Size 15 - Grommet Hole Diameter 2 inches.

How to Install Large Grommets

Large grommets can be installed with manual hand grommet tools, hand press grommet machine or pneumatic grommet machines.

  • Hand grommet tool kit: large grommet punch and large grommet setting dies
  • Bench hand press grommet tool with matching grommet dies
  • Pneumatic grommet machines with matching grommet dies

Large Grommets

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