About Large Tarps

MyTarp offers large tarps ranging in size from 20' x 30' to 170' 170' in various materials such as canvas, vinyl, polyethylene, mesh, polyester, PVC, Hypalon, nylon, and more. Custom large tarps can be 250' x 250' or larger.

Whether it's covering a roof, swimming pool, baseball field, or any large indoor or outdoor space, we offer an abundance of large, durable tarps with the purpose of withstanding the environment of each tarp application. Explore our website to purchase heavy-duty large tarps, flame-retardant large tarps, and waterproof large tarps - in any color or material.

What is the biggest size tarp I can buy?

Our largest stock size tarp is 170' x 170', however, we offer custom-made tarps for extra large tarps 250' x 250' or larger;

How much is a 50x 50 tarp?

A: Depending on material, same size tarps can range in price due to various application requirements. Through MyTarp.com, a 50x50 blue roof tarp is as low as $197, whereas a 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester tarp is $2,300. 

Q: What is the most heavy duty tarp?

Typically, vinyl or polyvinyl chloride tarps are most commonly used in heavy-duty applications. The vinyl material is water resistant, and is made to withstand abrasions, oil, grease, and mildew damage. Vinyl tarps are recommended for agricultural and industrial use.

Large Tarps

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