Triangle Tarps

About Triangle Tarps

Ordering triangle tarps is easy. Just download the Triangle Tarp Order Form below. Fill out and then email or fax the Triangle Tarp Order Form to

Triangle Tarp Order Form

Click the PDF image to download the Triangle Tarp Ordering Form.

What is a Triangle Tarp?

Triangle tarp is a tarp that is triangle in shape. Do you need a triangle tarp to cover a shed or side of a building? custom make triangle tarps using various materials including high strength vinyl coated polyester tarps, polyester canvas tarps, cotton canvas tarps and shade mesh tarps.

Please note triangle tarp is not same as shade sail. A high quality shade sail has steel cable reinforced hems. A triangle tarp does not. So, you cannot mount a triangle tarp by simply pulling on the corners; otherwise the tarp will trip. A triangle tarp must have adequate support and use all grommets for installation to distribute the load.

Questions About Triangle Tarps?

Please call at 404-551-4347. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff is ready to help you with your triangle tarp.

Triangle Tarps

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