Blue Tarps FAQs

Blue tarps are ideal for temporary tarp covers. Blue tarps are used as construction tarps, roof tarps, landscaping tarps and outdoor tarp covers.

  • Blue tarps are waterproof, 8 x 8 weave count, UV treated on both sides
  • Rust Resistant grommets approximately every 3 feet, Heat Sealed Seams, Rope Reinforced Hems
  • Blue tarps are water resistant, Mildew resistant, Rot resistant, Tear and Acid Resistant, Arctic Flexibility
  • Size is cut size or finished size. Please read specific item information for more details.
  • Our blue tarps are first grade. does not use lower strength recycled materials in our blue poly tarps.
  • Blue tarps are normally used for Construction, Landscaping, and Woodpiles, camping or any other places where tarps are needed as a temporary or short-term solution.