Custom Tarp Drawings

Custom Tarp Drawing Requirements

For custom tarps of shapes other than a simple square or rectangle, a drawing of the tarp itself is required. is unable to work off pictures or diagrams of machines, backyards or buildings. The drawing must be for the tarp, not for what the tarp covers, for example, machine, truck trailer, parts or building etc. does not provide measuring or design services and cannot make drawings for customers. If help is needed to measure or design the tarp, or to create a tarp drawing, please find a qualified contractor or installer.

The custom tarp drawing must have all details, including the following required information. Please note that drawing does not have to be CAD drawing. A hand drawing with all details will suffice.

  • Custom tarp sizes - Please note custom tarp finished size is subject to -/+ 1 - 2 inch tolerance.
  • Any special curves, cut-outs, doors, windows, tapers, zippers
  • Tarp material and color
  • Grommet, Velcro, Webbing or D-ring location and spacing

Custom Tarp Drawing Examples

Here are some examples of custom tarp drawings.

Example 1: