Gym Floor Cover Buying Guide

Gym floors host many functions. So your gym floor has to hold up to a lot more than sports - dances, concerts, graduations and other activities. Gym floor gets heavy foot traffic, stains, scuffs, impact from furniture and more.'s gym floor covers are built tough to protect your investment.

Gym Floor Cover Features

  • Ultra durable 3-ply vinyl fabrics reinforced by polyester mesh
  • Flame retardant. Meet standard fire codes NFPA 701, CA Fire Marshall and UL 300.
  • Exceeds ADA and OSHA requirements for slip-resistant surfaces
  • Available in 15 colors and 5 fabric weights.
  • Waterproof, rot and mildew resistant. Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
  • 10-foot wide sections. Seams are strong and lay flat and smooth
  • Custom made to your gym floor dimensions, or available in 10 ft x 100 ft. wide sections for quick shipment

Gym Floor Cover sizing - the 10-foot solution

GymGuard covers are constructed in 10-foot wide sections for easy handling. When figuring the size of the cover you need, we suggest adding 6 - 12 inches for overlapping each section. (For example, for a 75' x 110' floor, order 8 sections measuring 10' x 110' each.)

Gym Floor Cover Storage - Gym Floor Cover Racks

Gym floor cover racks provide easy storage of gym floor covers. Easily roll gym floor cover to the rack and store. Available gym floor cover racks are: Premium Gym Floor Cover Racks and Standard Gym Floor Cover Racks

How do I choose the most suitable weight for my gym floor cover?

To choose the most cost effective gym floor cover for your application, following factors need to be considered.

  • Expected frequency of cover use per week / month / year
  • Type of functions the gym floor hosts
  • Dimensions of gym floor
  • Color preference

As a general guide, which gym floor cover weight to choose should be based on how many times you will use the covers per year. Of course, budget is a factor as well. The heavier weights are more expensive, while the lighter weights are lower in price.

  • 32 oz = 25+ times per year
  • 27 oz = 15 – 24
  • 22 oz = 8 – 14
  • 18 oz = 1 – 8
  • 13 oz = 1 – 5

The 32 oz Gym Floor Cover Plus and 32 oz Gym Floor Cover provide the best super heavy duty protection.

32 oz Gym Floor Cover Plus
32 oz Gym Floor Cover
Super heavy duty gym floor cover for heavy and frequent functions on gym floors
27 oz Gym Floor Cover Plus
27 oz Gym Floor Cover
Heavy duty gym floor cover for heavy and frequent functions on gym floors
22 oz Gym Floor Cover
18 oz Gym Floor Cover
Medium duty gym floor cover for moderate frequency functions on gym floors
13 oz Gym Floor Cover
10 oz Gym Floor Cover
Gym floor cover for occasional gym function gym floor protection

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email We will be glad to answer your questions.