Poly Tarps FAQs

What is a poly tarp?

A poly tarp is tarp made from polyethylene fabric. Most poly tarp fabrics are cross woven reinforced and coated for waterproofing and UV resistance.

Want to save money on poly tarps?

MyTarp.com has the super low poly tarp wholesale prices on all poly tarps anywhere. MyTarp.com has high quality poly tarps for sale big savings - our poly tarps prices are lowest ever! All poly tarps for sale are always super low priced. You don't have to wait for some poly tarps sale to get your poly tarp savings.

What's the cheapest poly tarp?

Blue poly tarp is the cheap or inexpensive poly tarp. Blue poly tarp is also the most popular poly tarp and is widely used in construction, roofing and outdoor covers.

What's the largest poly tarp size?

MyTarp.com has large tarps including 100'x100' blue poly tarp, 100'x100' heavy duty silver poly tarp, 100'x100' silver brown tarp. We also make custom poly tarps of many large sizes. For a quote of custom large poly tarps, please call MyTarp.com at 1-404-551-4347.

What's the smallest poly tarp size?

MyTarp.com has 5'x7' as the smallest size in most poly tarp categories. If you do not see size you need, please contact MyTarp.com to order a custom poly tarp.

What colors are MyTarp.com's poly tarps?

MyTarp.com has poly tarps in following colors.

  • blue poly tarp
  • brown poly tarp
  • brown green poly tarp - poly tarp one side brown, the other side brown
  • camouflage poly tarp
  • green silver poly tarp - poly tarp one side green, the other side silver
  • green yard poly tarp
  • silver poly tarp
  • silver black poly tarps - poly tarp one side silver, the other side black
  • silver brown poly tarp - poly tarp one side silver, the other side brown
  • silver white poly tarps - poly tarp one side silver, the other side white
  • white poly tarp
  • NOTE: Custom tarps may not be available in all colors.

Are your poly tarps UV resistant?

Yes, our poly tarps have UV treatment built into the poly tarp fabrics for better poly tarp performance.

How long does it take to ship poly tarps?

At MyTarp.com, in stock poly tarps are usually shipped in 1 business days. Custom poly tarps and special order poly tarps are usually shipped within 5 to 10 business days.

How are poly tarps shipped?

We ship your poly tarps using UPS Ground or Freight Shipping you have chosen at checkout.

Do you have poly tarps for sale by cases?

Yes, please check out Poly Tarps by Case.

Can I use white poly tarp as movie screen?

White poly tarp is not recommended for movie screen. We recommend high quality professional movie screens for your movie screen applications. Although some people do use white poly tarps as cheap movie screens, white poly tarp cannot compare to a high quality professional movie screen.

Is poly tarp stronger or weaker than canvas tarp?

Not necessarily. Heavy duty poly tarps are usually stronger than canvas tarps, although heavy duty poly tarps have lighter weight than canvas tarps.

Is poly tarp same as vinyl tarp?

No, poly tarps and vinyl tarps are entirely different materials. Poly tarps are made from polyethylene fabrics, while vinyl tarps are made from PVC or vinyl fabrics. Vinyl tarps are usually much stronger than poly tarps and last much longer. Vinyl tarps are usually much more heavier and more expensive than poly tarps.

Can I use poly tarps as truck tarps?

No. Poly tarps are not recommended as truck tarps or trailer tarps. Quality truck tarps and trailer tarps are typically made from 18 oz vinyl coated polyester, i.e., vinyl tarps. For high performance trailer tarps that are wind and tear resistant and trailerable, please check out 18 oz Coated Vinyl Tarps.

How long does a blue poly tarp last?

It depends the area the blue poly tarp is used. In Canada or northern US, poly tarps can last much longer than in Florida, Texas, Arizona or Southern California. This is because UV and heat is much stronger in Florida, Texas, Arizon and Southern California. In areas with strong UV, such as south Florida, Texas, vinyl tarps are recommended for better performance.

Do you make custom poly tarps?

Yes, MyTarp.com make custom size poly tarps. Please call MyTarp.com at 1-404-551-4347 to order your custom size poly tarps.

Do you have flame retardant poly tarps or fire retardant poly tarps?

Yes, we have flame retardant poly tarps or fire retardant poly tarps.

Can I use poly tarp as photography background?

Poly tarp is not recommended as photography background. Poly tarp's colors are not color tuned to any specific color tone or temperature.

Are poly tarps fire proof?

Poly tarps are not fire proof tarps. Even flame retardant poly tarps or fire retardant poly tarps are not fire proof. Poly tarps will burn when exposed directly to direct flame or fire. In generally, fire proof and flame retardant are totally different standards. Additionally, local building code varies in different counties and cities. Please contact your local building code department for more information.

Are poly tarps storm or hurricane proof?

Poly tarps are not storm or hurricane proof. Strong wind gusts, storms or hurricanes can tear, blow away or significantly damage your poly tarps.

How can I recycle poly tarps?

Poly tarps are made from polyethylene and can be recycled just like plastic milk jars or plastic bottles. For more information, please contact your local recycle stations, county waste management or your waste management companies.