Boat Industrial Shrink Wrap Guide

Boat and industrial shrink wraps usually differ in Thickness, Color and Special Features. Here are some of most common choices.

  • Thickness: 6 MIL, 7 MIL, 8 or 8.5 MIL, 9 MIL, 10 MIL and 12 MIL
  • Colors: Blue, White, Clear, Gray
  • Special Features: Flame Retardant, Corrosion Inhibiting, Vapor Corrosion Inhibiting

Comparison of Shrink Wrap Thickness

1 MIL = 0.001 inches

Thickness Applications
6 MIL Smaller items:
  • Boats
  • Shed frames
  • Pallets
  • Machinery storage (not transportation)
7 MIL Standard thickness for shrink wrapping boats in snow load areas.
  • Boats in snow load areas
  • Light construction jobs
  • Medium sized machinery transportation
8 MIL or 8.5 MIL
  • Large boats shrink wrapping
  • shrink wrapping large building frames
  • large equipment with sharp protrusions for transportation or storage
  • Shrink wrapping machinery
  • Making containments
  • Shrink wrapping scaffolding
10 MIL
  • Excellent for wrapping large sections of scaffolding
  • Shrink wrapping large products for on deck ocean freight
  • Odd shaped machinery for storage or transportation
12 MIL This is the thickest shrink wrap on the market.
  • Shrink wrap enclosing entire building
  • Large sections of scaffolding wrapping
  • Flame retardant shrink wrap is often required for scaffolding and always on government bids where people will be working under the material.

Comparison of Shrink Wrap Colors

Color Applications
White White shrink wrap is the widest used color.
  • White reflects heat and stays tight in all weather conditions which makes it an ideal transportation cover.
  • white reflects heat it keeps whatever is underneath the shrink wrap more of a constant temperature, thereby minimizing condensation and moisture build up
Blue Blue shrink wraps are generally used in snow-load areas.
  • Blue absorbs heat which helps accumulated snow to slide off the shrink wrap covers.
  • Not often used for warm climates where it can overheat the products under the shrink wrap.
  • Blue shrink wrap will expand in hot conditions and can move and chafe on itself. Not good for use as a transportation cover.
  • Blue shrink wraps usually come in 6 MIL and 7 MIL thicknesses
Clear Clear shrink wraps are used to greenhouse covers, boat covers for brokerage boats and live aboards.
  • Pros - you can see through it, although it is not crystal clear.
  • Cons - sun penetrating the covers can accentuate the buildup of moisture under the cover.
  • Recommended to ventilate clear shrink wrap covers or use desiccants.
  • Clear shrink wraps usually come in 6 MIL and 7 MIL.

Shrink Wrap Special Features

Feature Applications
Flame Retardant Flame retardant shrink wraps are ideal for work sites and applications include following. Our flame retardant shrink wraps meet NFPA 701 Standards.
  • Scaffolding
  • Ship yards
  • Factories
  • Containments
  • Where people will be working under the material
  • Government work sites

Corrosion Inhibiting

or Anti-Corrosion

Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting shrink wraps are used for following applications.
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Electrical connections
  • Power generation equipment

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