Grommets Buying Guide

Grommets and Grommet Tools

What grommets are the best?

The most common grommets are made from aluminum, solid brass, brass coated steel and stainless steel. Here are comparison of these materials. In general, solid brass grommets offer the best performance for most application while not too expensive.

Material Pros Cons
Aluminum Light weight
Easy to set
Corrosion resistant
Not as strong as brass or stainless steel grommets
Solid Brass Easy to set
Strong and durable
Corrosion resistant
May corrode in salt water environment
Brass Coated Steel Very strong and durable May rust
Hard to set due to hardness
Stainless Steel Very strong and durable
Corrosion resistant in most environment
Hard to set due to hardness

What tools do I need to install grommets on a tarp?

If you choose to use hand tool, you will need following tools to manually install grommets.

  • Mallet - ideally a wooden mallet or a poly, leather, or rubber mallet. Avoid using a steel hammer because it is difficult to control.
  • Grommet Hole Cutter
  • Grommet Setting Dies
  • Wood block base for support carries some inexpensive grommet tool kits under $10, which have all above tools and grommets and washers included. For heavier duty tools, please visit our Grommet Setting Tools section.

You could also use a Grommet Hand Press Machine for faster and easier operation. The grommet hand press machine is usually secured to a bench top or heavy table top. You will need appropriate size of Grommet Dies and Hole Cutter Plain 3-Piece Set for you Hand Press or Pneumatic Machines.

More Grommets Questions

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