Kinedyne Sliding C Channel Winch High Profile - 5820

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Product Highlights
  • Kinedyne High Profile Sliding Web Winch, E-Coated
  • Working Load Limit: 6,670 lbs./3025 kgs
  • Lock firmly in place when tension is applied to the webbing
  • Lead Time: 1 - 2 business days + transit time
Item # KD5820
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Product Overview

Kinedyne Storable Sliding C Channel Winch Model # 5820. With a working load limit of 6,670 Lbs. / 3,025 Kgs., Kinedyne's Storable Sliding C Channel Winch is engineered to provide you with the ultimate strong and durable cargo securing method for nearly any flatbed trailer, rail car, or other vehicle. This winch can store up to about 30 feet of our industrial strength 2-inch, 3-inch, or 4-inch Winch Straps.

Kinedyne Storable Sliding C Channel Winch is able to move easily in either direction for positioning in the winch track. Once tension is applied to the winch strap, this winch will lock firmly in place so you'll have a reliably secured load. Combine this sliding winch with either 6' or 12' winch tracks, and you'll be able to have control over where exactly you want your anchor point to make your tie down job more efficient and manageable. Kinedyne winch is very easy to operate, especially with its Thumb Saver thumb pawl that offers easier access to locking or unlocking the sprocket.

Kinedyne winches are designed to meet the requirements of the Department of Transportation, California Highway Patrol, Canadian 905, North American Cargo Securement, and Web Sling Tie Down Association regulations and standards. To comply with North American Regulations, the working load limit, manufactured date, and country of origin are stamped on the frame. Do not load winches in excess of their working load limit.


- Working Load Limit: 6,670 Lbs. / 3,025 Kgs.
- Height: 7.72 Inches
- Width: 3.94 Inches
- Length: 7.68 Inches
- Weight: 10.1 Lbs. / 4.6 Kgs.
- Storage Capacity (Webbing Length): 30 Feet Approximately


  • WARNING: When tightening or loosening winches, always maintain a firm grip on the winch bar. Never release a winch bar without checking the pawl to ensure that it is fully engaged between ratchet teeth. Releasing a winch bar without the pawl being properly engaged can cause serious injury to the user or bystanders. The use of a slip resistant handle winch bar, specifically designed to tighten or loosen winches, is recommended. Kinedyne winch bars shall be used to tension and release tie-down assemblies. Cheater Bars or extenders shall not be used with the winch bars. User shall stand clear of the winch bar handle during operation of the winch bar in case the winch bar slips. The tip of the winch bar shall be inserted through both holes in the end cap to prevent the winch bar from slipping out and overloading the tip and/or end cap. Winches shall not be loaded in excess of their working load limit. Winches shall not be used as pulling or lifting devices. A minimum of 12" of webbing shall be inserted through the slot, and a minimum of two (2) wraps shall be on the winch mandrel.
  • CAUTION: Excessive wraps of webbing on the mandrel will reduce the working load limit of the winch.
  • PORTABLE WINCH WARNING: Set screws on portable winches are designed to position the winch while the tie-down assembly is being tightened. They shall only be snug tight. Overtightening of screws may cause the bracket to bend, weakening the winch and causing it to fail. Portable winches shall be removed and stored when not in use.


  • Kinedyne Sliding Web Winch high profile storable, E-Coated
  • Working Load Limit: 5,500 lbs./2500 kgs
  • Sliding winches move easily in both directions for positioning in the track
  • Lock firmly in place when tension is applied to the webbing
  • Must be used with Kinedyne winch track (part numbers 3606, 3606-12 and 3607)
Size 5/16" - 3/8"
Color Black
Country of Origin Imported