About Poly Tarps

The Beginner's Guide to Poly Tarps

What is a Poly Tarp?

Poly tarp is the most common plastic tarp material because it is the least expensive.

A poly tarp is made from 3-ply woven reinforced polyethylene material. Poly tarp material's middle layer is cross-woven poly tape mesh. The poly mesh is then coated or laminated with high density polyethylene films on both sides to form the final poly tarp material. Poly tarp fabric thickness usually range from 5 MIL - 20 MIL. All woven poly tarps usually have grommets every 1.5 ft to 3 ft on all four sides.

Examples of Poly Tarps:

How Poly Tarps Can Keep You Out of Trouble?

A poly tarp on hand can get you out of a jam.

  • Roof leaks - roof tarps and leak diverter tarps
  • Ground cover - ground tarps
  • Environmental protection - large tarp for containment
  • Canopy replacement tarps - white, silver or silver black

What is Expected Life of A Poly Tarp?

A poly tarp usually lasts 1 - 4 years in low and medium UV areas in US. In high UV and high heat areas such as Florida, California and Arizona, poly tarps usually last much shorter, usually less than one year. * Expected product life excludes weather and environmental damages such as wind, storm and lightning etc.

Is Poly Tarp same as Vinyl Tarp?

No. A poly tarp is different from a vinyl tarp or PVC tarp. Some people mistakenly call poly tarp vinyl tarp. A vinyl tarp is made from different plastic polymer PVC vinyl. Vinyl tarps usually have polyester canvas or nylon canvas substrate with vinyl PVC coating such as 18 oz Vinyl Coated Polyester or laminate, such as 18 oz Fire Retardant Vinyl Laminate Tarps. Vinyl Tarps are usually more expensive than poly tarps and are stronger or more UV resistant.

Poly Tarps

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